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Please read these notes before you complete the booking form.

We ask you to complete this form so that we can be aware of any issues regarding your health, comfort and safety when on our tours.

Each person should complete their own form, once we have confirmed your tour availability.

While the form is optional, we do urge you to provide this information. Any data will be held privately by us, only being given to the tour leader you will travel with.

If you have already completed a dietary and medical declaration form for a previous tour then you do not need to submit a new one, unless details have changed.

Fields marked with an asterisk must be completed and if not will be highlighted with a red border when you try to submit the form.

It is important for you to provide an emergency contact person, especially if you are travelling alone. This could be a family member, your doctor or a friend.

When you have completed all the required fields click on the yellow "Submit button" at the bottom of the form.

When your form has been successfully submitted a message will show on the screen.

Should any person while on the tour contract COVID then they will be required to isolate from others and arrangements will be made to return you to your home address as soon as possible. 


Any additional costs for accommodation or transport due to this will be the responsibility of the client, not Hinterland Tours.

If you have any questions then please contact the office by phone or email.

Dietary and Medical declaration form
Diabetic status
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