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Hinterland Tours is part of the Mount Classic Tours group of travel and tourism companies, who have been operating throughout New Zealand since 2001. We specialise in providing multi-day, smaller group size, escorted tours throughout New Zealand, as well as a range of day tours from a growing number of regions.

Ian Holroyd

Owner and managing director of Mount Classic Tours Ltd, Ian has a love of New Zealand that goes way beyond skin deep. He's created his life around it!  Moving to Tauranga from Britain in 2001, he quickly identified the lack of tours and sightseeing options available to cruise ship passengers so created the Shore Trips & Tours operation. Starting with a single Rolls Royce, the business currently has over 30 drivers and guides and 20 tour vehicles, a significant reduction from the 50 drivers and 40 vehicles we operated pre COVID-19. Hinterland Tours was added to the business in July 2020 and we will continue the work the Coleman family started back in 2000.

001 Ian face pic.jpg

Our team of great drivers and guides

A recent group shot (2019] of some of our Tauranga based drivers and guides who have been providing the cruise ship shore excursions for many years throughout the region.  Many of these have already been involved with Hinterland Tours as we assisted Brad and Kae Coleman with their tour programs in recent years.

While they will now be wearing a new Hinterland Tours uniform, their warm welcome and hospitality will be just the same. We all look forward to meeting you on the upcoming Hinterland Tours. 

001 STT team 2019.jpg
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