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Please read these notes before you complete the booking form.

If you want to make a booking for one of our days trips, then please go here

Enter the details of the tour you want to book and the required date if there is more than one option given on the website.


Then enter your own personal details on this form, if you are booking for two persons then you will be the primary contact.

Once you have entered your details (as the first person) if there are "two persons" travelling then you will need to also enter details of the second person travelling.

If you are travelling alone then you can skip the second persons details fields.

There is usually a Single Person supplement charge (for you to have your own room) so you will need to tick the box to accept this charge if applicable.

We will assume two persons travelling together will be collected from the same address. If this is not the case then  please provide details in the comments box at the end of the form.

Fields marked with an asterisk must be completed and if not will be highlighted with a red border when you try to submit the form.

If you are travelling alone then you may still specify a twin or double bed preference.

When you have completed all the required fields click on the yellow "Submit button" at the bottom of the form.

When your form has been successfully submitted a message will show on the screen.

Please note that you must confirm that you have read and agreed our booking terms and conditions before submitting this form.  These can be found here

We will then contact you to confirm availability, obtain the booking deposit money (or full payment if within the full payment period of 45 days) and complete the booking process.

We will also ask you at that time to fill out a Dietary and Medical declaration form. If you have travelled with us previously and the details have not changed then you will not need to do this. This form also allows you to give us your next of kin details.

You can find this form here

Should any person while on the tour contract COVID then they will be required to isolate from others and arrangements will be made to return you to your home address as soon as possible. 


Any additional costs for accommodation or transport due to this will be the responsibility of the client, not Hinterland Tours.

You can also "opt out" of receiving our weekly email newsletter giving all the latest news and any special deals, just un-tick the box at the bottom of the form.

If you have any questions then please contact the office by phone or email.

Multi-day Booking Form

First person details

How many people travelling

Second person details (if applicable)

Select an option
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